I'm the smartest one in the room - the non-shop, non-business sub forum chat thread

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Because my cat went into another one.

ETA: Anyway friends, I have been asked a few times where the off topic chat thread is for my sub forum. Why not this one? A place for clean, friendly and non-controversial chit chats among friends. :thumbsup:
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Because we live in the US. Often GROUND BEEF to make it even worse.

I had a guy from Mexico say he would like to kick the first person that put GB on a taco.
that guy obviously never heard of tex-mex. which is what about 90% plus of all mexicanish looking food in the usa is......

the other funny part is most "Mexican" restaurants in the usa, even run and owned by Mexicans calling their food Mexican.........serve tex-mex.
I have been asked where the off topic chat thread for the sub forum is, and so why not this one?