Imagestation test and new knife pic.....


YeeeHaaa! It works!
HOLY CRAP, Richard!! That's amazing. How do you do that? You and your damn files are making everyone else look bad. :)
Geez Louweeze! That is one highly concentrated piece of file work! Very nice design and execution. How long did it take you?
Hey man, you've created yourself quite a niche here. This kicks! Keep these coming. I wonder if we could work out a trade sometime?

Now that is cool!

Even with all of that crazy cool filework, it looks like it's still comfortable to hold... Very cool, keep the pics coming! :)

OMG! I want one!!!!!!!! Too bad I am poor :(

Guess I'll have to invent my own wacky style, lol.
Total Giger effect! I love it! Eagerly awaiting specs, not to mention how did you do some of those cuts?
Thanks a lot, folks. Here's the spec's- O-1 steel, black linen micarta handle, red and black spacers, steel pins, 5" oal, 1 3/4" cutting edge. Carving was done with files and my little moto-tool. Just got the flex shaft for it, makes this kind of stuff a lot easier!:)