Imagine that...Carnivore & CRKT KFF


Nov 4, 1998
Well, you know we knife knuts have that genetic problem of knife addiction (if it's in our genes is it tip-up or tip-down?

I recently purchased a REKAT Carnivore and decided to throw in CRKT's Crawford/Kasper large folder (for $38.00 how can you not at least try one out!
). Imagine that...I wasn't even paying attention as to what I was buying...they're both designs of Pat Crawford (and Kasper). Well the BF store is expedient as usual and I received them yesterday. I have three other REKAT knives, so I knew what to expect from the Carnivore...solid build, great lock up. The only issue is the lock release sticks a little when disengaging. Opening is quite smooth for a new knife, so I was a little surprised.

Now the big surprise...I've never owned any of the CRKT line of knives, so I wasn't sure what the KFF would be like. WOW, and this is only about $40.00! The alignment, grind lines and tolerances look extremely good. It opens very smoothly and the liner lock (ya, I didn't think I'd buy any more liner locks, but couldn't beat the price), engagement is solid. Before I engaged the LAWKS safety device, I conducted a few spine whack tests, in which it passed...although the liner was right at the edge of the blade tang and easily thumbed over...not too comforting. Now this LAWKS device is really quite simple and seems to work rather well, I'm just going to try and remain objective over it's effectiveness for a while.

Yes the KFF has a blade of AUS-6M, zytel scales and a liner lock, but for the price I'm very impressed! For those buddies of yours that really dig your more expensive folders (to include your customs), but start dry-heaving over their cost...I strongly recommend steering them in the direction of this great bargain. This is a great knife to start getting your friends addicted with.

Oh...did I mention big? This sucker is huge! With a aluminum spacer and thick steel liners, this is definitely not a light weight...this knife is bigger and heavier than my Emerson Commander! Well, I've never handle the original KFF, but if the dimensions are the same as CRKT claims, it would make a good training companion.

So for those of you who turn your nose up at cheaper knives because you think (and most of the time it's true) these cheaper knives have less attention to detail, poorer quality materials...then I urge you to try this one out. For the price, I guarantee you will be very surprised!


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I agree with you! I just recently obtained a CRKT 6773 large Kasper and it is awesome. I had some heavy duty corrugated shipping containers to break down for the recyclables and this knife went thu it like the proverbial hot knife thru butter! My only complaint is that it is heavy. I sent CRKT an e-mail asking if they could make version like the custom Crawford sells with liner and scales milled out. Reducing the weight to Commander specs would make this an awesome value in todays knife market.