>>>>>Important Message for all Members!<<<<<

Oct 2, 1998
Our server will be shut down today for an indefinite time. Funny thing happened while Spark was sending out an email, the server gave an error message which read:

server error 2000. McAfee scan found m2k virus in sector 28,768. Can not run scan disk due to bad surface. suggest server owner get prescription of viagra to handle situation. suggest web master get prescription of lithium, valium & prozac. last email was sent on 5/1/99 at 04:59.34 to Dr. Walter Welch requesting fix.

Just kidding of course!

Well we have reached yet another important milestone in our history.
2000 Members!
When I started this in October I had no idea of the magnitude or success it would attain. With over 2,000 members, nearly 50,000 posts, 140,000 hits a day and who knows how many lurkers, this site has surpassed my wildest expectations. And to top it off all of this is by word of mouth and links on dealers sites!

We have had relatively few problems and this alone speak volumes about the quality of the members we have here. It was a true test to see if we could operate in a relaxed atmosphere and still maintain a viable site. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable here and that was one of my original main goals.

I also did a little test to see how long it takes, on average, for a member to have their question answered. Seems about 23 minutes! Not bad at all.

Anyway thanks to all the members for making this site a pleasure to own and run. You guys are great and make this whole thing work and as you all know I have some really big plans for the future so........


Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Wow! This thing has gotten huge!

I can't even pretend to read all the threads!

So I'll just say "Thank you" to all the members who have been pretty much moderating themselves. Lively, intelligent and civilized discussions in an Internet forum! Wow!

I was late at discovering this site, but better late than never! It's officially my favorite site, and life would be empty without it! Hmmm, do we have any support groups(1-800-NO-KNIFE?) for forum members just in case there's net problems, power outages, etc? It could be a catastrophe if members were forced to be away from this site for any length of time, don't you think?!!! Hehe. The site is very "tasteful" and has been a huge joy to me. Thanks to Mike, Spark, the moderators, and all of the members that help make this so successful!
I too just want to say thanks to the Mike and Spark and all the members here at the forum. It's both a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this great organization.

Sav.....you're not late. You're right on time.


Congrats to Mike & Spark on the 2000 member mark. Isn't it amazing how good ideas just seem to work?


Geezuz, Mike! Don't do that!!
I really thought it was for real, when you said that the server will be shut down indefinitely, etc... Until I saw Walt Welch's name... hahahaha..

Well, what can I say? Congratulations to BF for hitting the 2000th member mark! Just goes to show how popular this site really is.

Wishing you all the best!

Pretty soon we'll have to hire own own lobbyist! Just kidding, but maybe that's not so far-fetched in the not too distant future.
Anyway, thanks again to Mike & Spark, who continue to improve the forum, just like they said they would ! Maybe they should become advisors for political animals ?


"May the road rise to meet you and the Sun fall gently on your face"


Congrats on reaching M2K.
Now tell me how do we find out our member number? Just curious.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
So here's the real question...are the M2K thread predictions starting to come true?

Bald1? How's your scalp looking? Any growth?


PS a friend of mine, bald as a billiard ball, has a t-shirt that says "It's not a bald patch...it's a solar panel for a sex machine." Just a wardrobe suggestion

Hey! Uncle Sam!

(_!_) Nyah nyah nyah!

Refund! You lose! :)

Mike, Spark. Congratulations on a truly amazing, wonderful creation.

You have made a place where people of all types can congregate, exchange information, compliments, ideas, viewpoints, and sometimes, sarcasm and humor.

It is a place to learn, explore, chat, pontificate, and have FUN while you are doing it.

I know you are proud of your creation. Rightfully so. I am in awe of just what a wonderful place this has turned out to be.

Best of luck to you, Mike and Spark, and to all of the rest of you who work so hard to make this place function so very, very well.

Respectfully, Walt