Important notice regarding ESEE and DPx Gear

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Feb 4, 2004
We have received several calls at our office from individuals wishing to discuss the issues that happened over the weekend between DPx Gear and Bladeforums. Please do not call us about these issues. Our office manager cannot answer these questions since we have instructed her to not discuss any of these issues since it is not our business. If you have any questions regarding the HEST Folder, Robert Pelton or the DPx Forum on BFs then they should be addressed to DPx Gear, not ESEE. Furthermore, please do not bring these issues to the ESEE forum since ESEE and DPx are no longer associated. We explained this a couple of months ago with the press release about our separation. With that said, any HEST fixed blade made by RAT Cutlery (now ESEE) is still 100 percent guaranteed under the ESEE warranty.

Much thanks for your understanding.

Not open for further replies.