IMPORTANT: Possible Outage -> Hurricane Floyd


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Oct 2, 1998
Hey all!

This is a warning: Jacksonville Florida is under a Hurricane Warning for Hurricane Floyd. At this time we are not sure if the hurricane is going to hit us, but be advised that if we are ordered to evacuate you can expect outages with this site, The Firing Line, and several other sites that are hosted on our server.

Our upstream provided happens to be located about 200 meters from the St Johns River, and as such, is in danger of flooding. They are taking steps to minimize the effects, but again, nothing is sure at this point.

We are making arrangements to try to minimize down time, however our primary concern is the physical safety of our employees and families, and the safety of the server second. In other words, we'll try our hardest to rescue it, but I'm not drowning for this site if it get's submerged.

Thanks for your understanding, and we appreciate your continued support.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Your lives are worth far more than this forum or anything in that store, (although I hope that you have no loss whatsoever). Thanks for taking time to let us know. You are in my prayers.

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I'll hope for the best. Just take of yourselves as best you can. We'll all survive a BladeForums outage if it becomes necessary.

Take it from some one who grew up on the La. Gulf coast.

If you have to get out of there DON'T WASTE TIME.

The store, inventory Etc. should be insured. You could possibly be hard to replace and how would the forum survive with-out you.

Take care and God bless.


Batten down the hatches and keep your powder dry, we'll understand any hitches or glitches that come up. Just keep yourselves safe! All the best.

Don LeHue

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Geez Spark I thought you were a loyal employee. You will go downtown in the middle of the hurricane and rescue our server. I will supply you the SCUBA gear.

Actually folks we are taking precautions. If we go down we will be down for as long as there is no power. Our sever is co-located at FDN and they have a 2 ton generator which will run our server. I am just not sure how effective it will be.

So basically we just want to give you advance notice so that if we do go down you know why.

Thanks for your concern for our safety. I have been through several hurricanes but this one is larger than Andrew and it caused more damage than any other natural disaster in US history. So we are taking this one a bit more serious otherwise Spark and I would head to the beach for a hurricane party!

So cross your fingers, toes, knives and whatever else that this thing turns tonight.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Now Spark, aren't you glad Mike got you to move there?

Really I want you all to take care of youselfs. And we are all thankful for the heads up on the server, and what may happen.
Take care of yourselves! I'm not sure we could handle much more bad news for the next little while.

Mike & Spark
You guys take care of yourself. I am getting ready to evacuate tomorrow. I have over 600 knives to pack so that I can get them to high ground. At this time they think that it has a good chance to hit Charleston, S.C. again. I am 17 miles north of that. Hurricane Hugo taught me a good lesson 10 years ago on September 21 1989. I am planning to ride out the storm on the Aircraft carrier Yorktown which sits in 26 feet of mud in the Charleston harbor.I will store my knives in the armory there. That is about as safe of a place as I can think of. I hope that everyone on the east coast takes every precaution and makes it through this bad storm. Good luck guys

Be safe guys, wihes you the best!!

Mike and ScubaSpark, I don't know how much can scuba do in a hurricane, especially as big as floyd is!! Please don't try it!! Take care!!<---I mean it!!
To all who may be affected, please take care of yourselves and family and friends. Good luck!!


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Good Luck guys!!
Maybe you should move to CA.
All we have is an occasional earthquake. Oh...and some of the most restrictive laws in the nation.

Stay Dry!!


Spark / Mike,

It's just after 4:00 AM. I'm 20 miles north of Miami and am just up checking the weather for the 100th time. Looks like it's gonna get "interesting" here pretty soon.

You and your families are in my prayers. God willing we'll all be in good shape for roll call this time tomorrow.

Take care and do what you must to keep safe.


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You betcha Blackdog. It's not too windy yet here in Boca Raton but that will change soon. Were supposed to have hurricane force winds this evening. That's a big dam knife getting ready to cut through. Our main hope here is that the front helps keep it offshore. But I wouldn't wish this on anyone else further north either. And then there's Gert right behind... Decent knife laws here in FL but hurricanes too. Well it's time to batten down. Good luck Spark and Mike, it looks like it's heading your way after it says hello here.

Still here on Key Biscayne. Not under water (yet).

Wish us luck.


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I understand that this can be a very serious situation. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone and their families. But I can't help but picture Kevin and Mike putting little sandbags around the server to keep it dry. (Sorry, just trying for a little comic relief.

Take care and stay dry!

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I'm down here in Palm Beach County, the hurricane already passed us by.

It was real funny yesterday how the local media was hyping the storm. Every now and then they'd have one of the anchors try and translate stuff into Spanish because of our large Hispanic population.

They kept telling people who line in trailers or on barrier islands to "evacuar", which means to take a sh*t!

While it wasn't exactly the message they were trying to convey, it was appropriate nontheless.

Actualy, I'm on one of those barrier islands, and though the sea's up higher than usual, nothing happened. But the cops came by monday night and tried to make us all evacuate anyway.

I don't know why, hurricanes don't hit down here much. As soon as they smash the Bahamas they follow the Gulf Stream north and then clobber the Carolinas. Besides, there was a big front coming in from the N.W. that was pushing it further east anyway, and Palm Beach county has the least amount of continental shelf in the world so we're almost immune to strom surge, now if you're talking up in Stuart/the Treasure Coast, that's different, but down here nothing ever happens.

A neat little hurricane fact; you can find the eye of the storm by facing directly into the prevailing wind and extending your right arm.