Impressions of the Microtech Combat Talon II

Mar 14, 1999
Below is a copy of a post I put on the MT Forums. It turned into sort of a review so I thought I'd post it here

After well over a year of being a "certifiable" knife knut, I finally made the the plung and purchased my first MicroTech. The Combat Talon II. I've always liked the looks of the MT knives, but the CT II is the first one that reallly grabbed me.
Special thanks here to Chief from the forums here who hooked me up. Truly service with a . Do yourself a favor and check out his website at
You won't be disappointed!
My first reaction after removing the knife from the box was "this sucker is heaver than I thought", which is a very good thing. I was pleasently surprised at the heft.
Overall fit and finish are excellent. The seams are barely discernible, all screws and pins seem tight, logo is clear and there are no sharp edges (except the one inside where it's supposed to be).
Speaking of the blade, it snapped out strongly and locked tightly into place. There was no noticeable play in the blade at all. The finish of the blade is perfect, sides and edges are symmetrical and its blade is razor sharp. The false edge also appears to be easily sharpened, at least partially.
The handle fits the hand well, even in a reverse grip. The grooves at the widest parts do well in adding some traction without being uncomfortable.
All the controls functioned well. The locking bar locks the blade strongly. It's unobtrusive, but easily unlocked when needed.
The button is finely grooved for traction without being to rough and rises just above the handles surface. It depresses easily with some resistance and pops right back up.
The safety operates firmly, stays in place and locks the button securely.

My druthers: The blade appears a little short for the handle, even only .25" more would have sufficed. They probably sacrificed some length for stronger lockup in the handle. I can understand that. I also wish the notch was on the back of the blade, but that's only for aesthetic reasons. It does not effect blade function.
It may just be me, but I think the button should be a little further up the handle. Say about 2/3's the way up. It's kind of awkward when using the thumb to open the knife, though it is perfect for using the middle finger when holding the knife in a sabre grip. This may be what they had in mind. If so, then the safety should be in a different place, maybe above it instead of below it. Also, I would like the option of a pocket clip. The sheath works well (not very pretty like the Halo sheath), but if I'm gonna sheath a knife there's a good chance it will be a fixed blade

Other than that, the knife is perfect. Strong and well balanced. Sleek and sexy! This knife is definitely a user! It won't be sitting in a case that's for sure

It was my first MicroTech, but positively not my last. Thanks again Chief, and thanks to all the other forum members.
Joe Kingknives

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