Impressions of various Spydies


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Oct 14, 1998
Played with a few blades at a B&M, here's some impressions.

The Manix was lighter than I like but I'm used to the Chinook I and the Buck 110. The Goddard's Spyderhole was small for my taste, but the grip and size I liked over the Manix. Next was the SS Kiwi, nice but too thin to attach a pocket clip but great for a Spyderdrop opening.

The Spyderco Persian was last, smaller than the Goddard and wasn’t' as smooth as I like. The slick micarta wasn't as bad as I thought, rather utilitarian package. The Kerambit definitely has a huge handle and the Para-Military was nice but I would've like it tip up.

Overall, the Goddard won me over but I wouldn't refuse any of the knives I held. :)
The Manix looks like a great blade; I've been thinking about getting one.

I was able to handle the Persian at a gun show a few weeks ago. It is an excellent knife, but I prefer the overall design of the Chinook II more.
Went to the B&M again and checked out the Scorpius, which is much larger than the pictures though I'm turned off by the SS handles. I also picked up a Paring knife a month ago and found that it pretty impressive. Out of the box, the handle feels powdery, the blade shave paper easily, and is very securely fastened to the handle. The blade is thin yet has less flex than many other paring knives I've seen.

My girlfriend and her family use their's as a supplement to the Moran sweep point in the kitchen. They aren't collectors, so the Wharncliffe shape was counter intuitive for them but luckily no accidents. They are used to 'chopping' sharp not shaving sharp, and garnishing and slicing oranges was surprisingly effortless. With that in mind, they keep their knives in their drawer immediatlely after use. Hmm, maybe I'll get a Paring knife myself :)