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improvements to the Magna

Jan 9, 1999
Just curious if there is anyone out there that owns a Magna in zytel that has done anything to improve the handling characteristics. The thing is indeed built like a tank, razor sharp, etc. Another question I have is I rec. this knife as a gift for Xmas and really haven't carried it to much. Just don't care for the ergonomics. Now the knife has not been used to any great degree and just this weekend I said what the heck. Put up my Native and Goddard lt wt. plain edge and thought I would give it a go. I have a devil of a time getting it out my pocket, and not only that the liner lock fails the spine whack test pretty easily. This the first thing I did to it when I recieved it on Xmas day and it did not fail at all. Now it does. I am not all that concerned really as the liner is so recessed, I don't thing I could make it disengage. The thing that is hurting it is the ergonomics, hard to remove from the pocket, hard to keep a grip on even in normal use, and once it is in the pocket you can't put your right hand or the ramp serrations hurt the side of you right hand. Any and all help is appreciated. Keep'em sharp.
I have carried a Magna in aluminum for quite a while. It is bulky but a real brute. The knife is virtually indestructable, a true Carson masterpiece. I highly recomend it to anyone who appreciates really big brutal knives.
I've carried my Magna for several weeks, using it to cut cardboard and some wood trimming. It's as tight as new. I can't induce a lock failure either by spine-whack or twisting. I've re-profiled the blade edge for a narrower edge, and I'm surprised at how well the aus8 steel retains sharpness.

As to carry, I carry it inside my jeans waistband, just behind the forward belt loop for right hand access. Due to the length of this (large) knife, I angle the butt of the knife forward to prevent pushing the knife up with my leg when sitting.

Pros and cons of the thumb stud:
The design of the stud is perfect for opening the blade, but due to the height of the thumbstud, it does irritate my belly after a while with IWB carry.

Overall, this knife is an outstanding work knife and steals the 'value' crown from CRKT and other makers of inexpensive folders.