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In the market

May 22, 2005

It’s been a long time since I carried an actual pocket knife. I’m looking to buy one (FACTORY PRODUCTION). What 2 blade/3blade model and company can you recommend from the quality standpoint that also has great steel in it.?
What price range?

What size?

What sort of use and what kind of pants do you wear most of the time?
If D2 suites your fancy go with Queen.
Schrade 8OT stockman- sheepsfoot/spey/clip blades of 1095

Queen Congress- sheepsfoot/pen blades of D2

are a couple that I carry and use from time to time. hope it helps

pete :)
Boker Canoe (2 blade) or Whittler (3 blade). Carbon steel blades, and can be had for $25-30.

If you want something a little nicer and don't mind paying a little more I'll echo the sentiments for Queen's D2. Personally I'm not a huge fan of D2 (I find it difficult to get good results when sharpening), but others swear by it. It certainly is hard.

Moore Maker makes several patterns in carbon steel.

-- Sam
Case CV in bonestag is also good. :) My large stock just keeps working.

1095 is my first choice, so the Old Timers are excellent.
fightin bull off ebay-
mr carson does a wonderful job-

my avatar is a mammoth ivory muskrat from him
I would recommend a Buck 303 Stockman for the 3 blade option. That'll run you about $25 + PP. Made in the USA. I have the Chinese version, by Buck, the 373. Those run about $15. I am lucky, and have an early one that is in 440C. Know they are in 420HC, Chinese and American production.
Just before Christmas I bought myself a Moore Maker 3 7/8 stockman in buffalo horn. It has been great and has easily become my edc of choice. I put a patina on it by doing the vinegar trick I learned here from doing a quick search and have rubbed it down with Sheath rust prevention. With shipping included it was around $70.00 and had it in about four days.
I have various slipjoints from Queen, Case, Eye Brand, Kissing Crane, Boker, Old Timer, etc, etc. With all that, it is one of the Queen D2 knives that almost always finds its way into my pocket.