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Aug 20, 2004
I am the pastor tomorrow. Just finished up the tweaking of my sermon.....which is on FISH ( John 21:1-17). The topic predated the recent fishing trip by several months. We are having a fish fry dinner after church. I grilled a whole salmon side tonight and it is chilling with the dill sauce as I type this.

On a different topic:
Some may remember six months ago when the lad I was to be mentoring failed his drug test and didn't get to enter the Commonwealth Challenge Program. Today his parents and I took him down again for the new entering class. He said was clean, but scared as heck about entering. He wouldn't take the urine test...said he couldn't pee. I gave him two bottles of water, but he said it didn't help, he could not pee. He would pick up the cup and head into the testing room, but turn around at the door and set the cup back on the table. I took him outside and talked to him for a while, and as he calmed down I realized what was the problem. He was just scared of going off and having to be responsible for his own life. I told him that when I was a camp counselor, nearly every kid hated camp and wanted to go home the first two nights,some had to be dragged from the car/bus to get to the mess hall and check in. But in two weeks you had to force them to get on the bus and go home. After a while he said he was ready. I asked if he was concerned about a possible positive test. He said, No,...... and when he tested, he was clean. Huge relief.

Everyone keep Josh in your prayers. He is a smart kid with stupid friends. He will be a new man after this program. Besides learning self worth, he will become a team player, and learn to care about others. He will have earned his High School degree, and have a direct path in to any military service (also most colleges). He has free college tuition, and a cash tribal grant at age 18, because of his Native American status ( 1/4 Cherokee). If he gets his life straight, he can go places.I'm really pulling for this kid.

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Bless him for rising above, and bless you and his mother and anyone who has helped him to take the big step.

I will replace "kid" with his name. I saw the most recent thread but it will be nice to have a specific name to use when we pray.