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Indonesian School.

Sep 17, 1999
For those interested there are a number of schools which teach poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen. Includes an excellent system of self-defense, forms, and fighting. I have been studying it for about six months and can say that I have enver studied a system more complete. I remember posting here a few months agao asking if anybody had heard about it and what they thought. Now I can answer my own question. Amazing things to be offered. In addition to this these are a great bunch of people to train with. Everybody has something to offer. Well I'll stop gushing but I urge everyone to chekc it out. Those people looking for a school in New York here is the info:
One With Heart
248 W.14th st.
PH: 212-645-6661

For thos of you in other parts of the world there are schools on both coasts and in the middle as well. Here is a web address:
Any furthur info can be gotten through emailing me. Please don't hesitate. Thanks.

The link you gave goes to a members-only site. Is there a general site for those of us who are curious?
So I changed the URL. Aparently I added a period where there did not need to be one. It should work now. If not you can find links to all the sites through this link to my school's website:

Thanks for the heads up edda-koppo.
Not a problem--just glad to see there's a school near me. If I can get my hip into better shape, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!