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Nov 18, 1998
Today I acquired, very cheaply, a Blackjack Mamba folder. It has Blackjack Knives and a logo of playing cards with a knife stuck in them on on side of the blade and Mamba Japan on the other. It has rubber scales on a very solid stainless handle with silver looking bolsters. It has had little use and is very sharp.
Can anyone tell me the value of this? If it not worth much I will put it to use.
joh, I've got two of those myself. Very nice and if I remember correctly they ran about $50 retail. But since blackjack has gone belly up the prices on certain desireable models have gone up. If it is mint, I think I would check around before using it. If its been used, the value will fall dramaticly and if you like what the heck, just use it.


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That knife is not something I would use. Collector's are looking for those. The knife is actually worth more than the old retail price. I would say it would be worth somewhere around $75. at this point.


Tom Carey
I recently sold six mambas and got over 100.00 each for them.They are very nice production knives.


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Thanks to all who answered my post.
The knife is not in mint condition as it has some discoloration on the rear of the liners and a very minute mark on the back of the blade. Apart from that I can't fault it.
It is a pleasant surprise to find it is worth that much, although when I first examined it the fit and finish seemed to indicate that it was a good knife. I actually purchased it from a "Cash Converters" store, it was in amongst some cheap Taiwanese folders that were going for twice the price I paid for this.
I think that I will keep it as I do not have too many collectable knives.
Again thanks to all.
Hay yall, would any of you know about a B.J.
"Shining Moutains Bowie", It has an 11 1/2 in. blade made of 52100 and has a walnut handle with a brass guard. It is a huge knife
bigger than the western bowie. I got it new in the box for $100 and just wanted to know if that price is good or bad , thanks alot Chris.

Chris, I've got one of them bad boys too. An impressive hunk of steel alright. I think I paid about $100 also and I was told the retail was about double that. With blackjack belly up I would think they are worth more now but I can't give you a figure but if you were buying by the pound you definitely got your moneys worth at $100.


who dares, wins

Hey phantom4 thanks for the response.I don't know if any of you guys would be interested but there are some B.J. Bowie blanks that need to be ground and handled and a guard built for it for all of you knife builders out there,the blade has a blood grove milled in it and it is already
heat treated and cryogenic quenched so be careful grinding so you won't mess up the heat treat. If you don't make knives you might get another maker to do it for you. Anyway if yall are interested let me know and I will see if I can get you one. Your
fat little buddy in the Texas Panhandle, Chris. Top of Texas Knives