Info on Coombs... Please!


Nov 30, 1999
I had a SWEET dagger in the early '80's by someone named "Coombs"... I think...

I would like to replace it. Anyone have any info on this maker???


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Michael, give Chris Kravitts a call, he is a leathersmith up in the NorthEast and for a while he was selling Coombs knives along with his sheaths, perhaps the same guy?


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Thanks Gary! I'll give him a try!


PS: It took my friend about 90 seconds to decide if he was a pocket clip or a G2 sheath kind of guy... The clip went back in the CRK box... where it belongs!

Hey there,

You may be referring to Lamont Coombs, Jr., Bucksport ME. His card says since 1988. This is the same bladesmith Gary is referring to. He and Chris attended many shows together and have collaborated on a few designs. Chris will tell you how to contact Lamont.

I just purchased a beautiful "fighter/boot knife" from him. Very talented bladesmith. I chose it for my "thigh blade". Had Chris Kravitt make a beautiful garter sheath for it. I posted all about it in Judy's garter sheath thread.

Good Luck

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Good lead... maybe... If there's a phone number and/or email address on the card, I'd appreciate your eamiling it to me.hy

If Lamont has only been making knives since 1988, he is not the guy. The knife I had was bought in 1979 or the very early eighties. I have not had the knife since 1983. (Long story) Maybe it was his father...

It was a long time ago, so maybe my spelling is incorrect....


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Hi Michael,
There is a Roger Coombs who co-wrote the first 3 or 4 editions of The Gun Digest Book of Knives. I think he mentioned in one of them that he made some knives. I'll look through the old books later and see if I can get you a number or address.

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C4, indeed I met a Lamont Coombs *JR.* who attended the recent NY Custom Knife Show. His business card is printed as such. Additionally, it reads EST. 1988. Perhaps it is a family tradition. And his addy is in Bucksport, Maine. 469-3057. Good luck.


Dave, You may be right...!!! Roger sounds more right than Lamont. Please let me know.