Info on CS Light Kukris??

Feb 6, 1999
I recevid there flyer the light are a really good price does anybody have one?
I will be using it for camping and hard use is it worth it????

i saw that too, and would love to hear what people think of it before i call them..

at $40 it would be hard not to get it
md and Tom, I got mine yesterday. I've had no chance to test yet but it looks good, feels good in the hand. The blade is fairly thin for a khukri---guess that's where the light comes in but my guess is it will be a great light chopper for trimming smaller branches and heavy weeds. The leather sheath is also fairly nice considering the price. I'm seriously considering ordering another one. Also, in the same flyer they had some master hunter 2nds in carbon V for an extra $10 off---only $24.95, supposedly because there were some light rust spots on the blades. Well I ordered two and I couldn't find a speck of rust on either of them! Two master hunters and a khukri with shipping for under $100! You don't find deals like this too often.


who dares, wins


Is this the one that used to be called (or maybe still is) the LTC
"Light Terrain Chopper" ?? It is made from 1/8" 1095?

If so I have had one for some time.
I payed $25.00 for mine. Still a good buy at $40.00.

It has "bit" me a few times because I moved my other hand around and under it while holding weeds down with the blade. Four stitches once on the back of my index finger knuckle.It is easy to forget it is a Big knife because it is so light.

I have used and abused this blade.It is sitting in its sheath now still dirty from the last time I used it.

I have to give this little Kukri an excellent report because of what mine has done. It is a far cry from a 15" AK from HI,but for what it is I can't speak highly enough for it.
Sometimes on smaller stuff the thin blade works better I think.

I have trimmed Locust tree
(hard wood!) branches,cut small hickory saplings,black jack oak that seems to suck sand up with the water,
cut weeds and trimmed branches to length for trash pickup.
Back when I was stronger it would take down a 2" dia. willow with one good whack when sharp.
I like the handle shape and I have found that taking a little sandpaper to the checkered finish goes a long way in making it more comfortable to me. The kraton doesn't slip in my hand even when wet.
I like the sheath with its open back construction that makes it easy to draw. Mine is the black hard material,Kydex ? (is that the right name?) After doing a search I don't believe its Kydex. What is the name for the stuff CS has been using for a long time? My SRK and TM have the same material
I think you will like it.

Phantom4 is right.Good for smaller branches and heavy weeds,but also good for more. I take mine along (with my TM) any time we go on a road trip. Of course here lately I have been taking my,er... my wifes 15" AK along. I am getting anxious for my 18" AK to get here.

Ps. I have found that an edge more like an axe holds up better for me than the original one.
I cleaned it up after writing this and I am going to touch up the edge a little and throw some cold blue on the blade. Are they still coming with that black finish on them?
I thought I read somewhere that they are bright now.



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it's too frickin late to get one of the closeout ones from Cold Steel as they sold out of them on Saturday

Too bad I didn't get the darn flyer until Saturday while I was out of town. Guess people definetely know a good buy when they see it.

All is not lost... I picked up a closeout vaquero grande (sans clip) which i've been toying with buying lately anyways...
Yeah, the best I've seen the light Kukhri at besides your closeout price was for around 60 to 70 bucks. I got one of the regular Kukris about four months ago and it has since replaced my hiking axe. It can handle just about anything you throw at it. I nicked some rocks accidently while chopping wood but they sharpened out for the most part. If you have the means, I reccommend picking one up, especially for hard outdoor use.

Dr. Gyi has endorsed it, he has tested it as has been printed, b/c I was with a group asking him about it last weekend. it is worth the retail price. Do you need further info?

In other words, if it will perform as a weapon capable of great carnage, such as chopping through bones and coconuts in one swing, it will do all of thoses silly utility tasks that are more likely part of every day life.

one of the few CS products I want at this point.

The Master Might be a good deal at $25, but I can't help but to laugh at that knife, looks so fragile compared to most of Cold Steel's stuff. As far as the Ghurki goes, it was worth $40. Too bad their sold out..
I would advise caution in assuming that because a tool serves well as a weapon it will also serve well for utility tasks. Cutting flesh and bone is quite different from many utility tasks. In Nepal the style of khukuri varies with the task it is most frequently called upon to perform. The khukuri used extensively to chop wood may have a quite different design than one carried primarily at higher elevations where little chopping of vegetation is expected. Both designs will probably differ from a knife used primarily to behead buffalo.

I am not saying that the khukuri is not an excellent all-purpose knife, because it is. But consider things like blade thickness and strength, edge thickness, temper and grind, blade length, width and weight, in relation to your intended primary uses.