Info on SR knives.

Any Cal.

Jan 1, 2006

I was able to participate in a passaround of a DM, (I think). It was 1/4" thick, with about a 4 3/8" cutting edge, standard grip, and a choil, in a double cut finish.

I found the design interesting, and liked the way the steel sharpened up. So, my questions are:

What kind of steel was this?

Could I get a similiar design w/ a longer 8-10" blade?

Are the dropped points beefy enough to throw?

Can I find a listing of the different styles of knives, along with their weights?

While I did not use it extensively, I did like the knife I got to play with. Though that particular model was not something I needed, it is possible that something similiar could suit me well. I am trying to find out if there is anything that is light enough in the hand to take the place of my 16" machete for chopping tasks, without a huge weight penalty. My machete weighs 14 oz or so, so I would be looking for something in a similiar weight range, with some heavy chopping ability. Thanks all for all your help, and my hat is off to the company for producing the nice knife I got to play with.:)

Dennis in MA

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May 31, 2005
What he said. Same steel in a 10" knife is the DogFather. You can find them around here and at "that other place that shall be unnamed." I almost got one when they came out last year. But I had too many FBM's so I passed.

About 2/3 the way down is the combat-grade Dog Father. It was a bargain at $140 when it came out.