Info request on Becker Patrol pack(s)

Sep 23, 1999
Hey! I am retiring my 1800ci North Face pack in favor of a Becker. I need it for packing books and a laptop around the University, and different gear when going on day hikes. I need somethign bigger than my North Face pack. Which Becker do I need? The regular or the Large? Thanks.
how big are you looking to go? I'll use the Eagle packs as my example. The large is 2430 ci, the regular is 1100+all the external pockets. To me the latge looks too bit to carry that little that you said. You couls also consider the ranger style Becker. it is 1500ci+pockets, that might be the perfect size, but it is more expensive, almost $300. Maybe you should consider a Patagonia critacal mass bag. I have one and it will hold a lot.
thanks for your reply.

My problem is that I usually pack a lot of stuff. A typical load might be a thick binder, 5 magazines, 6 or 7 books, and perhaps some clothing. It is more of a volume problem that I am having.

Sonce my current pack is 1800ci, I guess I should eliminate the regular and ranger Beckers, or perhaps I should take less gear!
Oops :eek: I thought it said 1200ci. Musta read that part during a blink. I have another idea. get a larget technical pack, I'd suggest a Gregory Erratic the med is 2100ci. you could even use it for light mountaineering, if you ever get into that. I have the Chaos-X and it will cary a lot of weight comfortably, and it is a small pack (3000ci)
No advice, just a piece of trivia. Did you know the Becker Patrol pack was designed by Ethan Becker of Becker Knife and Tool as well as Joy of Cooking? One of the finest human beings I have ever met! :)
Rob, ya bastid! :)

Been holed up in yer shop have ya lad? How ya doing?!

Cray, I'll see if I can't get Ethan himself to answer the question.


Scouter: thanks for the link, and the hilarious post! read it in a blink... gotta remember that one.

Rob: Yup, I knew that one! I liek pointing out to people who know of the cookign book that the very same guy makes bad ass wildernes blades and what I hear is THE BEST patrol type pack made. Cool guy!

Brian: That would be GREAT! I wish there were a place close to me that sold Eagle stuff, but such isn't the case. I want to get an awesome military type pack, and I figured I should spoil myself to commemorate my Philosophy degree. Eagle is even recommended by SOE, so they sound like the place to go. I hope Ethan has a positive answer for me. I fear that there isn't a Becker pack in my range, and I'll have to go with something else. Hmm, unless Ethan wants to co-develop a University/Urban patrol Pack with me!
I carried all of my books and drawing equipment for 4 yrs. in a Kelty Tioga frame pack. If I was to do it again I would go for the Becker Patrol LARGE pack...lots of pockets and tough as a Becker Brute!:eek:

The Kelty was still in great shape after 4 yrs. of book corners poking into tears at all.
Hey crayola! First let me congratulate you on your exquisite good taste! The Becker patrol pack in it's regular incarnation should hold more books and assorted stuff than you would really want to carry …even across the street! The main compartment on the regular bpp is approx 6 x 9 x 18. I designed it to carry water, beans and bullets plus minimal shelter for 3 days of operations. I carry the regular bpp as a kind of super daypack when hunting up north. I have a bunch of trouble not putting too much stuff in it for comfort...but I gather this is a common problem for most of us. Please, do let me know how the pack works for you. John, at Eagle is always looking for feedback, one of his many virtues…

All best…
:) :)
Well Ethan, thank-you very much for your reply! And thanks Brian for your help too!

As I have said before, my problem is a volume problem. A friend is lending me a lap top for the fall, so I'll have a lap top in a thin padded case along with books, knife mags, water, etc. with me. If the regular becker will do it for me, then I know what to order now! I'll be ordering from Lightfighter. I'm sure if I have any problems with the pack he'll be able to hook me up. I e-mailed Eagle over a week ago, but no response. I think I'll e-mail them again. I have to finish a knife I am making and hopefully sell it so that I'll have enough $$ gathered for the pack anyhow, so I can be patient with Eagle yet!

I have one more question. The inside of the pack has a main compartment, but I have read that there are 4 interior compartments. Just what does this mean? My 1800ci pack that I have now has no inside compartments really. You unzip the pack and stuff what you can into it! There are 2 external zip pouches as well, but I'm concerned with the inside of the pack. I don't need something smaller, I need somethign larger than I have at the moment.

Whatever pack I get, I'd be very happy to give the folks at Eagle and anyone else a full report. University can be demanding on a pack. There are binders/books with sharp corners digging in the pack, the bottom gets a lot of wear, the straps, etc. I can't wait to upgrade!
My becker weighs about 3 or 4 pounds. Lightfighter is the way to go. Thanks Ethan for posting about your pack.

Ethan actually found this thread befor I could contact him about it -- so no thanks to me were necessary!