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Info wanted on Black Cloud Knives.

Apr 12, 2000
Hello all- I've recently been getting interested in Laci Szabo's designs and have noticed several items of his being made by Black Cloud. Now I'm also curious about Black Cloud, do they also have their own designs ?
Would someone please give me some information about them ?, where are they located ?, perhaps a website or contact infromation ?

Thanks very much, Donald
Thanks Nakano 2 , I have been on the site and looked but it still doesnt tell me anything about Black Cloud.
I see that a good portion of Laci's knives are "made by Black Cloud" but that still does'nt tell me anything about Black Cloud.
Does Black Cloud knives make designs for other people? Do they make their own knives ?

Thanks, Donald.
Hi Esav- AHA !! Thats exactly what I was looking for !! I've bookmarked everything, great reading on that old PBC post.

Thanks very much
, Donald.
I've got 3 knives from Black Cloud. They are all excellant. If his designs meet your needs, it's hard to find a better knife.

Stay Sharp,
I am probably the forums' biggest Black Cloud collector. I have just about everything Ernie makes, two or three of some designs, and a number of pure customs too. Ernies own designs are the fighting bowies, Valerie daggers, and Sharktooth, which I am a huge fan of.

Ask me anything you would like to know, here or private email.