Informational Cards, what to include and where to print

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Dec 27, 2013
Hey Guys, i have been stocking more and more natural hardwoods, stuff like HRB, Curly rosewood, Desert ironwood, ringed gidgee and ebony given the long delays and increasing prices of stabilizing wood. I want to include a note with the blocks that includes recommendations for care, along with a discount code for thin CA that I worked out with Tru-Grit as a little partnership deal.

The information I plan to include is:

Storing the wood for 2-4 weeks to allow humidity to acclimate

Working the wood slowly to keep it cool

filling any checks/ cracks with CA glue to prevent propagation.

My current plan is something to the effect of

Congrats on your new handle material from Greenberg Woods!

You have received a piece of Natural hardwood. The wood is dry, but figured hardwood can still have issues due to humidity changes.

To minimize the risk of checks, cracks or warps, I recommend allowing the wood to acclimate for at least 2-4 weeks. This is best done by storing the wood in a cabinet or other box, away from direct sunlight or direct airflow. This will allow the moisture of the wood to slowly come to equilibrium after its shipment, as changes in ambient can lead to movement of the wood.

When working the wood, use sharp tools and fresh belts. Work slowly, allowing the material to cool frequently. Heat build up can promote checking and cracks. If cracks do appear, applying thin CA such as Insta-Cure offered by Tru-Grit. You can get 5% off a bottle with the code “TBD”.

Wood moisture:_________

Ship date_____________

If you have any other questions, please visit my website,

Thoughts? What to add or remove? and what would you recommend for printing this on. I think a busniess card may be too small.
Oct 15, 2010
To add to that, I would also add a little blurb about how the wood is ethically sourced/harvested.
I agree with both of these ideas. I've contacted you directly a couple of times about the source and sustainably of specific species of woods you sell. I would definitely appreciate having information cards I can provide to a customer about the wood. Many customers avoid HRB because it is a CITES species. A brief laymen description of what this means could be useful. I think some of the apprehension could be alleviated especially when combined with the source (old furniture makers stock, or harvest from stumps, etc.)

I like the idea of moisture content.
Dec 31, 2011
"Many customers avoid HRB" I'm sorta dense these days, what's "HRB"? (I suspect it's not Hot Rod Bomb?)


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Mar 2, 2006
I think that some info that can be passed on to a custumer about sustainability would be good.