Initial Impressions: Spyderco Double Stuff Sharpener


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Oct 14, 1998
This is the double sided one piece, both the medium and fine stones are epoxied together. I purchased mine from Ironstone Hawaii. If I knew about them early on, well, I'm glad I know now.

At 5"x 1" and 1/4" thick, I chose this piece for its' portability and ease for my non knife family and friends. Also, it's a bit more field expedient.

The stone comes with an oversize very snug leather sheath and the stone itself is like a giant toffee bar. It's been a month or so since, I sold my 203 so I had plenty of knives to sharpen, about 6 actually. Ranging from a plain Delica to a meat cleaver.

I laid the stone on the table for this session and didn't really use the medium stone. In under an hour I was able to get a decent edge on the kitchen knives and scary sharpness on my Spyderco Moran (now my family's kitchen fave) and my Busse Basic #3.

The session did put a lot of steel on the fine stone. I was able to wipe up some steel dust with my finger. A quick scrub with Ajax and it was factory clean. Initially, this stone was actually easier to clean than the 203 stones. The only thing I would change is the thickness, I think a full inch would be better. Except for the residual steel gathering on the stone, it performed flawlessly. I really wish I bought one of these years ago but I'm glad to have one now.
Glad to see another guy who likes the Doublestuff as much as I do.

Err.. toffee bar?! lol... come to think of it...

I have the Double stuff as well, but mine fell apart early in it's life, I just this week decided that they need to get back together and used some RTV to put em' back to back again. I was using both sides but they are pretty thin to do that and now they are back together I can grip it between my left thumb and middle finger as I touch up my blades.

Also have been carrying a little fine ceramic stone that Alan Folts was gracious enough to hand out to me and some of the other NC guys at last years Blade Show, he got like 5 for $ from the Spyderco booth, 3" by 1 1/4" by 1/4" thick, carry that in my pocket everyday, really puts a sharp edge on my knives, the Double Stuff is a little too long to carry, so it sits on my desk at work.


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Great compact sharpener to take in the woods. Also works extremely well. I like mine a lot.
I'm admittedly partial to Spyderco ceramics having the full bench set, the 203 and a handful of single and double pocket sizes. The later, in either double stuff guise or singles are my have everywhere sharpeners. There's one in my desk at one, another in the glove box, etc. I lucked out and picked up a dozen "seconds" at Ironstone last year (glad you like those I sent you greg
!) at an amazing price. All that was wrong was a slight misalignment where the gray and white stones were glued or a miniscule edge flaw. Certainly didn't affect sharpening. Overall I consider them indispensible. Highly recommended!

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I also like ceramic stones. I've had a spyderco double stuff stone and a set of ultrafine white ceramic 'files' for several years. I also have several larger bench stones. Like lonegunman, my doublestuff slip sheath has the back side coated with green polish for stropping. It really is a great little desk/bench/field stone.

Because it is small (1 X 5 inches), it is very important to be careful when sharpening larger knives so that you don't run of the end of the stone and scratch the blade on the corners of the stone.


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