Inox Balisongs?

Jun 28, 2001
Does anyone have any experience with these? They look nice and they are very inexpensive.:confused: Let me know what you think of these "Italian style Balisongs". Since the untimely demise of my 239 I am looking for some economical replacements.:(

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I just bought one of these. It's the plain brass handled one. It's very sleek and stylish with a blade to match. I like it very much. But, alas, it seems that this knife's good points stop with the esthetics. The latch seems to get stuck inside the handle with little effort (yet it's a bear to get out), hollow brass pins, and the kinda sloppy feel are not what I'd hoped. I'm actually a little afraid to do too much with it, because it may cut me when I least expect it. It's one of those so-so balis with a sharp blade, that doesn't do what you tell it to and suddenly... -slice-. Plus the handles are too slim for my big fingers. IMHO, this is NOT a knife for serious manipulating.

But, it's nice to have a "classy" bali that matches my cuff links, when a suit is all I can wear. Nothing says style like color-coordinated balisong. :cool:

By the way, the most economical replacement is actually going to require you to spend over $100. In the end, when you’re looking at a pile of $30 balisongs, all busted to sh*t, you’ll wish you’d bought a BM (or monarch, or tachyon etc.).
Must have got the bad end man.
I like mine but of course I prefer my BM's. They feel kind of weak though so they probably wont make very good users. But I do love the super light weight and the nice round handles. Still I would jut save up for a BM or something.:D
:( That's too bad! Now I am really sad. I have 1 BM-42s and have been working on my "Balisong Flip" (not a knife trick, but an actual flip) with two bali's in my hands. I will have to wait until I am finished saving for my wedding before I can purchase another BM. Darn the luck! Oh well, I guess I could attempt to resurect my 239 but it deserves its rest!:confused: As usual time will force me to make a discision and I know in the end I will acheive this goal.

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Inox is not a brand name. It's Italian for Stainless Steel.
Originally posted by Gollnick
Inox is not a brand name. It's Italian for Stainless Steel.

Thanks Chuck, You are so informative. I don't see a brand name anywhere so I figured that WE would know what I'm talking about here if I just mentioned the Italian word "INOX" that is stamped on the blade, ( I'm glad that you could help me out with the brand name :confused: ) Well I would'nt mind having a balisong for dress occasions and these look nice and inexpensive. Blasto - Did you get the miniature one?
I have a mini inox with a 2" blade, nice novelty thing but no good for consistent use.
Try a pacific style for $40-ish they are the best
bali for the price I ever owned...

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I got the small one with olivewood inserts. I think its like 3" or something.

I put it in my watch pocket and flip it when Im bored.

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Blasto - Did you get the miniature one?

I got the 9", the biggest one they carry. I could see a small one working better with the slim, round handles. Again, this knife is not for higher-end manipulating. has them. Brass, Dark osewood and Ironwood

However because they send automatics to places that frown on them and have had problems with peoples parents getting upset, you need to be 21 to order from them. If your parents are cool with balisongs, just have them send the money order or use their card. Also, use fed ex. Mickey is great. If you have any probs with the knife, SKM will usually refund or replace. Even if its lost in space

Thanks for the link Nate!:) Fortunately I'm over 21. I think I might go for the smaller 3 inch blade with palissander inserts to go with my more formal attire.

Nice choice. You're most welcome for the link. I also reccomend the 9" stiletto with the "Fantasy Green" handle or the Green Frostwood with brass bolsters. Also, the leverlocks are great. Sheeple are hard pressed to tell that they arent regular lockbacks.
SKM also has a new user friendly forum if you have any questions about their products such as balisongs.