Input on Spydie Centofante SP25?

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
Can anyone share their expreriences with this knife? I think the size is perfect. Is it flat ground? Thanks for any help.

I have the older blue aluminum handle and rubber insert version. It is one of the sharpest knife I have, undoubtedly due to its thin stock (closer to 1/16" than 1/8") and well executed flat grind. Its relatively straight blade and very sharp tip make it a great general utility knife. (The Centofante blade shape resembles the Boye-Loveless utility knife blade shape very closely.) It bites into whatever you cut deeply and cuts very cleanly. I love to use this knife to slice and peel an apple: the flat ground blade separates the fruit as if cutting a block of butter.

You may find its small opening hole difficult to access (although I've gotten used to it): you'll need to forget the drop opening option. Its belly-less blade may not suit some of you that consider the belly as essential to a utility knife. (Each to his/her own.)

I have no experience with the newer G10 one with the blade lock mechanism. When they come out with one with 440V, I will retire my trusted companion since ‘94 and get the new one, for sure.

I'm surprised that this superb cutter does not get as much publicity as it deserves. It's compact, flat, and rides well in the pocket. Its shape is very attractive when open or closed. And it is SHARP!!! If you're concerning alternatives of the same class, look at Rookie, Jess Horn, and Calypso Jr. But if you want the combination of a needle sharp point, a straight edge, a flat ground blade, and sheer cutting performance, then go for the Centofante.