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"Inside Kung-Fu" Articles on Knives

Nov 8, 1998
While at the magazine stand, I was looking through the October issue of "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine.

There were a couple of knife combatives articles featuring Ernest Emerson and Graciela Casillas-Boggs (designer of MOD Ladyhawk).

There was also a buyer's guide of defensive knives. My favorite folder, the Crawford KFF, was featured in one section. It was nice to see that they didn't overlook the custom knives. Under REKAT knives, they had captions that read "Escalator Trainer" and "Escalator." Except that the pictures were of the SIFU and Carnivour, respectively. I sure wouldn't want to "train" with someone using a SIFU.

Still it was nice to see "our" beloved knives being featured in a non-knife magazine.


Inside Kung-Fu a few months ago had another article dealing with one-handers for self-defense, featuring the CS Vaquero Grande.

I've also noticed lately several martial arts magazines have been advertising knives. While Cold Steel has always had ads in Inside Kung-Fu, lately Spyderco has been advertising in mags like Black Belt and Martial Arts Illustrated.