Insight on what might have been?

Jun 16, 2004
I was reviewing some of the items on ebay from a a previous post and noted something interesting. The one seller recently mentioned that someone said had bought a lot of the Schrade stock recently has a number of pieces listed as new that I have never seen or heard mentioned of on here. These include a number of Blue Bone knives. Could this have been the start of a new line for Lowes that never happened. I have noted just in the past few months the new Case Blue Bone knives at Lowes.

Also he has several Black Delrin lockbacks with brass bolsters. May have this been a continuation of the traditional X-timer folders like the 24OTX that was only offered at Walmart?
Jul 29, 2002
Ive seen those blue bone ones also. Ive wondered the same thing.

Can anyone shed any light on this?