"INSTINCT", go see this movie.

Mar 19, 1999
there was no knives in this movie but i must tell you, what a movie, Sir Anthony Hopkins is such a great actor, i'm telling you people, it was a real tear jerker. And did i forget Cuba Gooding Jr., another top notch actor, this movie makes you think of the world in a different way, go see it.

"Shackle their minds when they're bent on the cross, when ignorance reigns life is lost".-Rage Against the Machine.

Frank, aka rage.

I agree. Before the film started I had a feeling it would turn out as it did, but it is a movie with real spirit.
Oh, and by the way, there IS a knife...too small maybe to be a machete...but used like one.
I will admit that the movie was good, yet it wasn't what I expected. The trailers led me to believe that it was more action packed than it was. The only reason that it was a tear jerker for me is that I dropped my Military on the parking lot and damaged the tip. Boo-hoo.

You just didn't see the right showing. When I saw the film I went to a free sneak preview several weeks before the movie was released. While the volume in the theater was literally so loud that I thought my rib cage was rattling, it was apparently not loud enough for some. In the row directly behind me, a middle-aged white fellow told the young-to-middle-aged black woman a few chairs over from him to shut up, in no uncertain terms.

Later -- and ironically enough, during a scene where Anthony Hopkins is wrestling with some of the prison guards -- the two of them must have gotten into it again, though I didn't hear them arguing below the volume of the movie.

The next thing I know, the black woman walked over to the white guy and punched him right in the face. Then the two of them began scuffling and wrestling with each other like a pair of Jerry Springer guests.

Our hapless male moviegoer eventually disengaged from his attacker. She just walked out, moments before an usher arrived. If she was smart enough to keep on walking, I suspect she made it out before mall security could be contacted, so it's my assumption that she got away free and clear.

Our angry white male made several errors that I could see:

1. He wasn't more polite in asking her to be quiet. People today don't respond to indignant orders, because most members of the public at large are excrement with no manners and even less intelligence. (Here my misanthropy is showing, but what can you do?)

2. He didn't just get up and move when she refused to quiet down.

3. He was completely and totally unprepared for her to initiate violence against him, and as a result got his behind kicked (or his face punched, depending on how you want to look at it). If you're going to get all loud and nasty with people, you'd better be prepared to defend yourself if they take offense (rightly or wrongly) at your tone.

All this got me to thinking: I carry a tactical folder. Would I use it in that situation? Probably not -- I wouldn't have gotten into the fight in the first place.
How 'bout you?


It seems to me that the black woman didn't know how to behave to begin with, and had she the simple courtesy to keep quiet, this incident would likely never had happened. My mother and my sister went to a mall near some housing projects to see "Single White Female", and while there they encountered much boisterous, immature behavior from a rather large group of blacks, presumably upset that a movie should dare have such a title as this. It was so bad that they simply had to leave. This was but one incident that happened at that mall. Now the mall is empty, due in no small part to the people who lived nearby, and the behavior of groups of certain individuals.

It's sad, but this type of behavior is becoming the norm. I'm tired of paying 6.50 a pop to have to deal with rude morons (white, black, whatever) at every movie I go to. I've found that the best time to go is between 1 and 4 on Sundays.

That woman would have looked funny walking out of the theater at half step with my knife wedged between her @$$ cheeks.

Seriously, though, some people really take themselves too seriously. Theater managers are usually too wussified to do anything except refund your money. It should be a requirement that all patrons must carry knives to movies. That would quite some of these bastions of intellect. Boy, am I punchy today! I guess it's because I have to work until the Thursday. Then it's BLAAAAAADDDDDDDDEEEEEEE SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cultural differences also play a part here. In my experience it is a peculiarity of the less economically advantaged segment of the black population (how's that for a euphemism!) to honestly regard movies as a sort of community, mass-participation event, where heckling is actively encouraged and deemed at least half the fun of the experience. This tends to drive middle-class white folks plain insane with frustration, because they are looking to be transported into the reality of the movie, a delicate trance-like condition which shrieks of "you go, girl!" "are you crazy!?!" "Naw naw, I don't think so!" etc., can easily upset . . .

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

How do you suppose being "less economically advantaged" precludes showing any simple common courtesy? Seems like it would be more of an issue of "less mentally capable".

Road rage moves inside huh?
Movie rage?

I've encountered rude, selfish ****heads of all races and socio-economic levels, including at the movies. White yuppie-types, groups of young Asians (I myself am Asian-American), Latinos, blacks, et al. There have also been considerate people of same groups, though it seems the idiots are growing in number.
The above story reminds me a lot of several incidents I witnessed back in the '80s when I used to frequent some 3-movie matinees in the (then) seedy downtown area. Lots of talking, yelling at the characters onscreen, arguments, occasional fights, loud farting/belching, and the ever-present stink or marijuana and urine.
Ah, the good ol' days!

Yeah, right!

James Y,
Thanks for lightening up the mood in here a bit; this thread was going to hell in a bucket and real fast. I'm hoping someone was kidding when they were pondering whether or not they'd use their knife in that situation described above; those damned viscous unarmed women and all.


No, I wouldn't have REALLY used my knife in that scenario, hence the
winky face. It's sometimes difficult to convey certain expressions in writing.