Instructions to make this knife

May 5, 2001
I have just finished updating RSA Blades and have added some new info.
For info on how to makethis knife:
Looks great...and thanks for the info. My only question is...Why 5-minute epoxy and not the stuff that takes 24 hours to cure??? Isn't the longer curing epoxy much stronger???
I use Pratley Quickset Clear. I haven't had any failures so far (after doing more than 400 knives with it). The main reason is time. I hate waiting for glue to dry!!!
Tiaan -- you've made a tremendous contribution to your peers, and beginning knifemakers! Wish I had the ability to take advantage of it, but nonetheless am delighted with your site and all it offers. Only criticism is that more of your knives aren't exhibited in the gallery. But, I do think it is cool to let other makers post there.

Thank you very much!
Hi Bugs
Thanks. At this stage it is a labour of love. As to the gallery, I thought it to be a bit unfair to post pics of my knives there, but on your say so I will do it. After all, I am not making any money out of the site the way it is.

If you visit Rsa blades again, go to the bottom link on the column on the left, and click on "world of knives." Go to the show review page and have a look at some of the work being produced here in South Africa.