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Oct 5, 1998
As many of you know, my grandparents are knife dealers. They told me I could offer any knife they have in stock or can order at about 30% off retail and they may negotiate if possible. Many of you want Sebenzas, as do I, so I am having her check into getting a distributor who can supply these and for how much. Does anyone know what 30% off retail price would be on the different Segbenzas??? I don't know their retail price. Does anyone know who distributes these??? One more thing, how many of you would want a Sebenza at 30% off??? Is this a good deal. I know they usually beat most prices, but I dunno because I never deal with anyone else. I'm not trying to make money, just trying to do you all and my grandparents a favor if possible. Thank you and I hope I don't stepp on anyone's toes. I don't want to be competitive. I don't win or lose either way. If I am out of line, let me know. Thanx -AR

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I would suggest you call Anne Reeve about this before peoples expectations get too high. I saw your post in the for sale forum as well and, have kept my feelings and opinions to myself until now.

While it is possible to hit distributors for some mass produced lines and then undercut prices significantly and blow them out the door, where will you get your Sebenza's?

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p.s. If this sounds a little harsh/insulting/.... I apologize upfront. It is not my intention to tell you or anyone else how to run your business or start a heated discussion or flamewar.
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Most (all?) dealers will not discount a Sebenza at all. If you offered them at 30% off, then a "good deal" is not a strong enough term. That would put the large Sebenza at about ~240. I severely doubt that you would have trouble selling them at that price.

For full details on the pricing :

If you could offer the one piece line with the same deal you would surely blow away a lot of the people trying to sell similar products.

Chris Reeves does the heat treat on my blades as his shop is on my way to work but I have yet to get a price break. The reason... He doesn't need to sell them for any less to keep people buying them.

I would approach Chris or Anne first.

I don't know how much we can get them for. That's what she is finding out. I wouldn't want to blow anyone out of the water. Sorry if this causes trouble. I may not do this if it will. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Now they say they will check in it tomorrow. I just gave her the info. Do dealers get a discount like on BM's or something? I don't want to cause problems, but if they do decide to carry them, I dunno why they can't sell them for whatever they want. Is this wrong? I have nothing to do with prices. I'm just here to inform my buddies. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Jackyl, no offense, but,

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What you are doing here is basically sabotaging all of the dealers out there, and violating our rules as well.

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