Interesting info on sharpening, microbevels, stropping, etc

Aug 23, 2008
I've been doing research online for a few days now and came across this very interesting site. This guy is sharpening plane blades which, while different than knife blades in use and sharpening geometry, are asked to do the same type of push cutting that people saying a convex edge allows. He has done some VERY interesting research IMO with a 200X microscope and all sorts of sharpening methods and abrasives. Check out his research into the effects of stropping!
His findings may be controversial to some but it has really helped me understand the detailed mechanics of sharpening much better.

Sep 19, 2001
Yeah, this has been discussed a bit before. I would care more about the page if he had made any attempt to address the qualifications. Seems rather silly to say "I only did it this way, so a different method may produce different results." and then immediately state that "I absolutely know that those other results aren't any better than what I'm doing with the microfinishing film."