Interesting Khukuri

I noticed this one the other night. Seems nice, but I personally hate when people set a low minimum bid, and have a high reserve. This thing is three times its opening bid, but it's still below its reserve.

Neat looking old khukuri.
He has some other things pixed that I wouldn't mind having as well, like the Keris.
And the Morrocco Dagger just above the Persan Kard is almost exactly like one I have.

I have always been leary of E-Bay although I know there's some good deals to be had there.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
A "trousse", according to Stone's Glossary of Arms and Armor, is a "sheath carrying a hunting knife, knives forks and sometimes instruments for cutting up game, 16th century and later", with illustration of several old European knives fitting the description given. Comes from an Old French word meaning a tightly wrapped bundle, source of English words "truss" and "trousers". Used to describe similar knives from many cultures, including these "Swiss Army" khukuris (cf. the HI gangaola) and Chinese knives with chopsticks.

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