Interesting KLO I recently got.

Somehow the shape just doesn't seem "right". The lines are rather abrupt. How does it chop? I guess I should read some o' the text if there's any, but why read the book when you can read the comic book?
That looks like a nice piece of land you have there, hollowdweller.

Oh ... was there a khuk in the picture too?
HD, that's a nice looking blade. Though I have the feeling that you're going to be costing me some money. Again.
I like it. i can't put my finger on why, but i do. Maybe because it looks like it would be Rambo's khuk. I've always had a thing for wearing headbands and talking out of the side of my mouth.

Tsimi it looks really similar to the Cold Steel LTC I have. What does the EDMF KLO weigh, or approximate?
Does it have as good a control as an HI khuk, chop as deep, keep its edge, and etc, etc.?;)

My LTC is only 1/8" thick but does a helluva job for a bent machete! ;) It's hell on Willow, Sycamore, and Cottonwood up to 2" diameter! :eek: :D
My LTC is one of the few knives I've named over the years. It is known as, "The Biter" because almost every time I've put it too serious use it has bitten me some way or another.:rolleyes: :grumpy: One time our daughter had to come over and sew dad up with her dog repair sewing kit.:cool: :D ;)
The post has all the info you seek, but for convenience it appears between a quarter inch and 3/16. It weighs a pound and 12 ozs. The first couple of chops I tried with it I thought it was going to be a "sticker" but seemed to chop great after that. Length 18"

Seems to chop ok, but I haven't tried it on anything big yet. If it is like my EDMF Smatchet edge holding is great. VERY sharp. I did notice a little glancing on a few chops, but not sure if that was the knife or me just getting used to it. Will try it out more this wknd.
Why no knuckle-duster?? LOL :D
Good, mean looking KLO. I note EDMF says they can put a D-guard on your blade for $40 IIRC. I may have to send off a villager to see what they can do :cool:
I think part of the reason it looks "off" is the angle of the handle relative to the blade. Take a look at the Khukuri Dynamics page, and you'll see that for the most part the handle is either "in-line" or "curving away from" the spine (or rather, the line created by tracing down the spine). On this one, it's "dropped"...or, lower than the spine, and it almost looks like it angles up (vs. down on most khukuris).

I, too, am curious about how it compares. Might be a hard test though, since your hand will adjust to each one. I'd recommend chopping hard with an H.I. khuk for about 10 minutes and then immediately picking this one up and continuing the chop. That should make for a good comparison.
Oh man, just the snowy ground and the trees is giving me terrible homesickness today.
I miss the country where chopping is feasible.
Thanks y'all.

I grew up in a small town but there was woods nearby. We used to love hiking and playing in the woods when I was a kid. Later on got into hunting too. Always dreamed of having my own farm with my own woods I could hunt and play in. Met my wife in college and that was her dream too. Never a day passes by that I don't feel thankful to be able to live where I live.
Of course I'd LOVE to spend more time there. I drive an hour each way to work. On the other hand the work has allowed us to say IT'S PAID OFF!

85 acres, mostly woods. I can pee or shoot guns off of my porch. Have big parties with bonfires and people playing music and not disturb anybody. It's really enjoyable.
Gawd, you just spelled out my dream, too. :) Amen, hollow. From a young guy, it gives me something to look forward to. Other than baldness. :D