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May 4, 1999
I've been following internet knife sites for about four years; in fact it was the internet that first got me interested in knives. A couple of years ago, when I was a student, I was a lot more active in knife discussion groups and other related websites than I am now, due to time constraints.

Anyway, the point of this thread is that the International Knife Directory ( has always been an extremely valuable resource for me, especially for locating custom knife makers on the web. However, it appears that in recent years this website has deteriorated somewhat. Whereas I used to be able to find makers with new websites by visiting the "What's New" section, which was updated regularly, I now find that the What's New section hasn't been updated since January.

So, first of all, I'd like to urge those of you who haven't visited the International Knife Directory yet to do so, as I've found it a great resource. Hopefully increased traffic will prompt regular updates. Barring this, however, does anyone know of another website offering links to new custom knife websites?


Ryan Meyering

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Oct 2, 1998
Yes, this site has the largest listing of knife related websites in the world. Try our links section.

I am not sure why the IKD is having problems, Hopefully they will update there site soon.

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