International Knife Register

Jan 31, 1999
Does anyone at the blade forum knows what you must do to get listed in IKR. I added the URL to my knife site to the register the first time in August 98, nothing happend. The next time in November 98, nothing happend. The third time in January 99, and nothing happend. Is there any tricks you must use to get listed?
When I last checked at IKR, I found that there had been no updates since the 23:rd of January 1999. Nothing has happend for two whole months.
I know that my knifesite is not coolest and best designed. But on the other hand, the sites at the IKR are not any better. If you have seen one of the, you have seen them all. They follow the same look-a-like standard form.
Dont get me wrong, the IKR is a great concept. I have had a link to it from my home page, since the first day my page was up.(in fact it also was my first link).
I have used the register a lot, and it has been a great help in finding suppliers, new contacts etc.
But now it seems as if it is loosing grounds, to other (read, "more dynamic") sites.
Any comments on the subject is appreciated, and also corrections if you think that I am wrong in my conclusion.
On my site I also have a lot of graphics, backgrounds, borders, themed sets in Viking, Celtic, Gothic style. But they have been added to the site later, and was not there when I made my first two attempts to get listed with IKR.

Do you mean the International Knife Directory?

If so, there are several ways to get listed there, the best of which is to pay for advertising.

Be advised, however, that if your site features objectionable content, you will not be listed. Example: the former Broken Arrow Knives, some others. Also, if you don't advertise, don't expect to show up on their top 15 retailers list....

Don't worry though, you can list your site in our links section for free....


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