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Internet Abbreviations

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Aug 22, 1999
Could some of you list some of the internet abbreviations such as: IMHO(in my humble opinion) and others, as I don't know most of them.

No problem, guy, everyone here knows that this is my specialty!
BTW--It means "bring the Webster's," I have no idea what these kids are talking about!
LOL--That's "lying on linguine." Lots of us knuts, myself included, are Sicilian.
SOID--Old biker phrase, meaning, "Stand on it, Dwayne." The thread is lame, I'm out of here.
SPOOKY--Convenient excuse for taking an average knife and doing something stupid with it. "It was so Spooky, I just cut myself..."
ROTFL--"Really, I'm going out with the fat lady." Some of these kids don't date as much as they claim, and they lie about it.
Well, that will get you started, but take it easy. It takes years to be as hep as I am...--OKG
To Phil: I'm 50, but I moved to the 'burbs, man, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Not one falafel stand, and I can beat most of the city cops with my tricked out V-8 F-150. Yeah, I've been to Brooklyn. Went on my senior class trip. Guess what the 'big feature' was? They showed us the PARKING LOT where they filmed 'West-Side Story.' I mean, I'm from the midwest, but I've seen TARMAC before. Sheesh.--OKG
How can you guys forget NFG ???

"No F*****G Good"

FWIW, IMHO, this thread is on it's way to "Community" B/C of a FTP, and AFAIK this is a WOB.
So, it SLAP.


--The Raptor--
...and this proves my point! My friend, Raptor, is using abbreviations to tell us about a date he just went on. Let me translate...
FWIW--A female wardrobe I wear, and...
IMHO...in mother's heavenly overcoat...
"Community"...I seek out my associates in the leather fetish area...
B/C...and even with my average breasts...
FTP...I feel totally pretty...
AFAIK...after frogs always I kiss...
WOB...in my wonder bra...
SLAP...and sleep like a princess!
Sure, it's more info than we want to know--and there's no knife content, but we've learned a valuable lesson in computer interfacing. (Boy, thank the Lord I'm big, ugly and well armed, or Raptor is going to kill me...)--OKG
OIC, I didn't mean to be a PITA. LOL,AFAIC, the Community Forum would be fine. TIA

Community sounds fine. Besides, I haven't locked anything for a few days and I should practice a little

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