Internet Knife Dealers - I need your help!

Nov 25, 1999
After practically each my writing on knives in polish magazines, which I'm cooperating, the editorial staffs are literally bombed with requests "where I can buy these knives?" I also have tons of correspondence in my e-mail box which I do not know how to answer. The issue is that no benchmades, spydercos, crkts, sogs, bokers, katzs, timberlines, fallknivens etc. are not available in Poland at all. Some pumas, gerbers, kershaws are available but in very truncated assortment and scalping prices. If you would put your advertising in some polish magazines I hope the readers could bomb you with their requests instead bombing editorial staffs and me.
If you are interested for details please call me via e-mail.
Disclaimer: this is not my business, I simply want to help my readers to satisfy their requests. I do want nothing for myself, all business you should make with suitable editorial staff.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
It would perhaps be best to list the web sites that carry the lines of knives as most internet dealers work on such low margins that advertising is not an option.

Every knife from every major manufacturer. If you don't see it, don't worry we can get it.
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Sergiusz Mitin, how about writing a column about ordering knives through the internet. You could list some good dealers there and do some screen captures about the process itself (browsing some knifes, filling in some orderform...). But it you do write a story like that, please take you laws into consideration... you may have taxes and customs that should be payed - you must explain all that too.

Toolshop is good, but some of their prices are ridiculous - just ask them about Sebenza (for instace), they wrote to me something like: "the prices are really high, but if you really want to know, here they are:..." Sorry, didn't keep the message. But don't hold that against Toolshop, as they also explained that the high prices are no by them... it's the US manufacturers (who may not be asking as little for their knives as they do in USA) as well as some middle step in between!

Costas, I can't put any link or direction in my writing. This would be considered like masked advertising and simply would be truncated.

1SKS, this could be right assuming that advertising in Polish magazines costs like in their American counterparts. This is not certainly, I guess that it is noticeably cheaper. But this is not the matter of this discussion, as I already specified it is not my business.

For all who responded my appeal, I'll wait some days more and when I'll answer you all via e-mail.