Interstate 95, Exit 97

If anyone happens to be traveling through North Carolina on Interstate 95 and need to stop at a great knife store, then you need to go to Beck's Cutlery Specialties. I finally paid them a visit after their move. They are right at Exit 97, across from Dennys. They have a sign on their building that says "Knives and Dolls". Can't miss it.
They have a fantastic selection of production and custom knives.(If I had $350.00 I would have a nice Phil Hartsfield tanto.) You name it, they probably have it sitting in their cabinets. Patsy showed me a picture of a new SOG folder coming out sometime. I think it was called the "Vision" It had a blade shaped like the Stryker(ATS-34) and a gold looking titanium handle. The clip was the same as the clip on their new folding Pentagon. They also have a wide selection of kitchen knives. I don't know if any one has every seen them, but they also have a few of the ring knives made by Bauchop(or a friend of his). All in all a great knife store. Phone number is (919) 202-8121, and email:
Feb 9, 1999
Blades, been there. GREAT PLACE!!!Pretty good prices too. Theres also a great shop in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Called the Acorn, lots of custom stuff and all the factory brands.But its a big tourist town.
I took my dad there today.. I have a new Mecca. Once a day I will kneal and pray to Selma.

I haven't seen that many Randalls in one space, great selection of Spyderco and Benchmade plus other good custom stuff.

I'm truly impressed with the new BM Axis lock, new spyderco military and G10 police.

I'll be back for sure.