Intrepid I or II?

Jul 28, 2001
Hey Buck fans,
can you tell me what the difference is between the Intrepids
I and II.


Blade length, size, weight and overall bulk. I got the larger one in tanto and never looked back. I could see times where the small/lighter one would come in handy, but it's either in a bag on the boat or on me if I'm in the water so no problem either way.:D

Great, great knives for the money.:)
I have the shorter tanto point Intrepid and find it to be plenty of knife. I thought about the longer version until
I noted that all I would gain would be about an 1 1/2" of blade with NO edge. Kinda like a blade extender. Not
what I had in mind. I seldom use mine as it is so special in what it's designed for. But If ,just if, I needed, and
could chose, a survival knife it would be an my Intrepid or my buck nighthawk.Both he!! bent for tough!
What I need is a pry bar with an edge(preferably a sharp edge)..

I came across the Intrepid during my search. I was looking
at the Busse Basic #5 with it's .25 thickness. However, I
like the looks of the Intrepid, and the fact that it's
stainless. I think I'll go with the short version.

Now my problem is trying to decide between
which tip to get, tanto or chisel.
I,too, wrestled with tanto or chisel point. I'm not a diver so I see no need for the chisel tip. The tanto,
on the other hand, will do the work of both the chisel and a pointed blade. So for a landlubber's use
the tanto got the nod. I can tell you if need be it will dig with the best of them and pry way better
than most. The only thing that this knife can't do easily is really fine work. But then again most
of us carry a smaller blade (s) for that work. Think it over and match you usage. Enjoy.....
Unless you NEED a "dive knife", I'd go with the Buck Nighthawk. To me at least, it is a much "better" knife, is a little more "useful", and costs ALOT less than the Intrepid series.

Also, the only sharp edges on the Nighthawk are on the blade, and the handle (with the "rubber" inserts) also feels MUCH better to me than that of the Intrepid.