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Introducing the Chameleon (opinions wanted)


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Dec 25, 1998
I was pleasantly surprised when I got this in with my shipment of Brazilian made knives. My initial impressions are quite favorable. What do you guys think?


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That is one good looking folder! What are the specs on it? It seems you have found some wonderful knifemakers down there in Brazil. Keep the pictures coming!:)
7 7/8" overall with a blade of 3 1/2". It has a massive liner and feels great in the hands thanks to the contoured scales.

I feel really blessed to have found makers that are such artisans and with a great price to boot.

I will tell you that having these folders go through my hands without keeping them all is very hard. Sometimes being a knifeknut is a real bitch.

dennis check these out:


Looks like I am not the only one to discover the Brazilian makers.

Michael Aos just advised me that Roberto & Ricardo Lala
won the "Grand Trophy" at the first Brazilian knife show -- mentioned
8/01 Knives Illustrated.
I wanna call your attention to the liners. They are made of titanium and have that kind of orange peel
finish. The slabs are black G-10 but soon blue G-10 will also be available. It will give a better color
combination to this folder.