Invention and market

Aug 7, 2004
Hi folks

Do you think a new multi tools will have a chance to be sold, I mean peoples will to buy this tool though SAK Victorinox Wenger and Leatherman are everywhere now ?

A tool with a new concept different than All other !

What's the probability to be born like a star when the sun is here already ? :D

Happy Christmast for all
Apr 6, 2002
Very interesting question! After Leatherman emerged as a modern, mass-market multitool, there was a burst of other companies following in their footsteps. Most of them didn't make it into the mainstream though. I don't know anything about the economics of this industry, but I can guess at a couple of possibilities for other companies to succeed.

One possibility is a tool that has a unique feature that really appeals to people. If this feature makes them willing to pay more for a high-priced, low-volume product, then a new company wouldn't have to worry as much about keeping prices down initially.

Another possibility is a tool put out by a large, established company that already makes other products. Such a company would be able to spend money on advertising to get brand recognition. They would also have production capability, existing relationships with suppliers, and retail outlets for their other goods. That would help them keep prices down and compete for retail space.
Oct 7, 2004
probability is low, however a custom multitool should have a small market not unlike custom folders etc. So far I like the Swisstool best for its clean design. If I were to find a multitool that was as or more rugged I would'nt mind paying much more.

Swisstool improvements:
1.Lock open needle nose
2.eliminate one tool per handle and make all the other tools thicker, more multipurpose and longer.
3. I would also improve on the type of latching design.