Irie Dagger

Oct 1, 1999
I'd like to make a suggestion to some of you that haven't bought your first handmade knife, because you thought they were too expensive. Now, I'll admit this isn't one of your black tactical production folders, but it is one heck of a knife for the money.

This is the SPORT 500 by Mike Irie. 6 1/2" OAL, ATS 34 full tang, with stag scales. The grinds are beautiful and the finish great. Mike isn't some Newbie, he's a well respected maker. You can read more about him and see some of his other work on this thread.

I've got this thing for daggers right now, and when you consider it's twice as hard to grind a dagger, I just couldn't resist.


Wanna know how much?

E-mail Mike at:

He'll be glad to hear from you, and he's a pleasure to deal with.

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Here is another post as well, from the Archive file but has two nice sets of pics for you to look at what styles he has,

Nice knife Phil, nice stag too!


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Boy, that is nice. One of the nicest looking daggers I have seen. I love the shape.

That stag has got to go, tho.
Cool Phil, thats a darn nice looking little knife.

What a surprise, who would ever have guessed Phil chose a stag handle

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