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Irresistable Trapper


Dealer / Materials Provider
Nov 19, 2005
I am not a Trapper collector, but I saw this nice customized OT, and thought if I'm gonna have one example of the breed, why not this one? Herman Williams did the work, a long time Schrade technician as I understand it, and stamped his name on it. He's got a nice touch with stag. This one has a liner-lock spey blade, and is nicely fitted and snappy!
A nice tribute to the workhorse OT line!
This is a beauty, I have many trappers, but nothing like this. You did good, Herman Williams did some of the most beautiful knife work at Schrade, I really like all of his file work on the backsprings on most all of his other creations.

That's a beauty Waynorth! The color he gets out of that stag is really unique.
A seller named electra_225 has several more of these ending in the next hour or so. They're in various patterns and they are all beauties. They're all pretty pricey too. 270072900525 270072907473 270072913704 270073320849 270073330915 270073337167. Seller says all have H.WILLIAMS-2006 on the inside of the pile side liner.
That year seems a little curious.
My guess is that he is still doing a little of this work! That is his e-bay name!