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Is 440V out of Production?


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Dec 23, 1998
I heard on another thread that 440V was currently out of production. If this is true then is the military and other prior 440V blades going to come with 420V? Or this all just Hype and nothing more.
I was told that 440v was out of production by the Senior sales representative for crucible service Bill Redding.
I don't think he would be wrong about this.
Yes, last time I checked they were going to discontine the CPM440V...

Too bad I liked the steel...

Alan Folts..
Well, thats a shame. I liked the stuff. I wonder if they have a suitable replacement in mind. 420V is great but has less corrosion resistance and thats one of the things I liked about 440V.
I find it odd that they are discontinuimg the one steel that had made inroads into production knives. 440v is used by Spyderco and Kershaw.

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This is interesting because I was looking at AG Russell's on line catalog and they were selling their Spydie Military in ATS34. I emailed them and asked them if they were selling the older model and the email I got back from them was that this series was being discontinued. I didn't believe them and thought they screwed up. Maybe I was wrong and they were referring about the steel.

Cobalt, it would be good to post this question in the Spydrco forum. I notice that Sal is taking time from the Shot show to answer some questions.



420V is the replacement for 440V.
In crucibles testing 420v had 50% increase in corrosion resistance over 440V.

420V has more corrosion resistance with less chrome?? How did they hang that one?