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Is anyone out there making a Talonite Screwdriver?

Jan 27, 1999
well..there is a certain person in colorado who needs one badly!
I would make him one but the talonite market has dried up for the time being (cant get any right now... thank you mr Cammilus!)


Now why would one need a Talonite screwdriver????? By the way Tom, they didnt it all and you have a package on the way. :0
Originally posted by Rob Simonich:
Now why would one need a Talonite screwdriver????? By the way Tom, they didnt it all and you have a package on the way. :0

Well Rob, where I work some of the people use screw drivers as prybars.

My kingdom my kingdom for a non bent/broken screwdriver
Rob, I can answer that question, because a Glock makes a lousy prybar...
Tom, tell him Talonite screwdrivers are a cinch to make: 3 parts orange juice, 2 parts vodka, 1 part Talonite.

Now THAT is a good response...I will forward the mix to Strider Knives guys...they will appreciate that...although I really dont think they like to put anything in there with the alcohol...just maybe stir it with a big dagger!


I thought maybe you were going to make one of them Swiss Cheese knives of your in a Swiss Army Cheese version Tom

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
How about a Talonite Club to go with the Screwdriver? Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey, lettuce, tomato, Swiss army cheese & hold the Mayo! (some of us need to watch our intake!)

Tom , when I read the topic I just had to read it as I thought you were setting us up . like who the hell is going to have a Talonite screwdriver and why? just goes to show how much I know . If anyone would have one that Kit Carson Bastage would. I'm kinda curious what other crazy **** you guys got.
How about a Talonite P38
Maybe a Talonite socket set ?

I love it !!!
well...I see you are back on line....this thread is in response to a certain LE using his custom folder for a screwdriver..however, its in my pocket right now so maybe he is carrying a swiss army knife???


I always carry a SAK Executive, Leatherman Micra... for a knife... I am having to do with an engraved Sebenza... Okay you Knifeaholics... tell me you NEVER used a knife for a screwdriver (or prybar)...