is Blackhawk or eagle ind. jump sheath any good?

Aug 20, 2001
i'm looking at the Blackhawk and Eagle industries airborne jump sheath. i have a stider bt w/ soe sheath which rocks. i just laugh when i see ka-bar impact sheath. i want a sheath that rocks. you guy try any yet.

P.S. i got plenty of kydex sheath made for me.

I don't own a Blackhawk sheath yet, but I have handled the one included with the CRK Green Beret. As far as I can tell, it is identical to the sheath Blackhawk advertises on their site. It is very well made and high quality!

Plus, my Blackhawk SOLAG gloves and Rigger's Belt are great, so I have faith in their products!
Called you a bunch of times tonight... busy signal... I see you were here.

I was just about to ask the same question about the sheaths.

One more question... remember the Strider Sheath can be "dropped" or extended to provide a lower ride? well, does the eagle and Blackhawk sheaths have the same option, or do you need to buy an extra part?