Is Damasteel a user friendly Damascus?

Mar 17, 2000
I've seen a variety of blades (chefs knives to tacticle folders)on the web made from damasteel.
Does this powder metal stainless steel damascus require any special maintenance as does the more conventional carbon steel damascus?
Or to put it another way could I use a damasteel knife open letters and cut lemon wedges without any more care than I give my BG42 Sebenza blade?
Damasteel is a Swedish companies version of a 'stainless' pattern welded steel. It's chromium concentration is high enough to be considered stain resistant. Although I have no direct experience with this material, I would guess that it would require no more care (maybe less) than your BG-42 blade steel. I doubt very much, however, that it will cut as well as either BG-42, or a good carbon steel damascus.

Other makers in this country like Devin Thomas also produce 'stainless' damascus blade steels.

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I've got a little damasteel neck knife made by Jens Anso. Very useful little knife and has been used for a lot of different tasks, including slicing limes for my rum and cokes. So far, no staining and a couple passes on my ceramic sticks keeps it very sharp.
Originally posted by YAKE:
Does this powder metal stainless steel damascus require any special maintenance as does the more conventional carbon steel damascus?
It's about equivalent to ATS-34 and 12C27, so it's about as stainless as they are.

As Richard posted I use Damasteel alot. The components are as said similar to ATS-34 and 12C27. They are called RWL-34 and PMC27.

I use both ATS-34 and RWL-34 for plain steel knives and see no difference in rustresistance so I treat them the same way. I also treat the Damasteel the same way and have had no problems.

Only thing to remember is that its stain"LESS" not stain"FREE". They need care like all stainless steels do. Not better not worse.

I have found that RWL-34 and Damasteel gets sharper than similar blades made of ATS-34. I have made and still make some of my design in all 3 steels and compare them with small cutting tests like paper, armhair and such. These are my own experiences and other may have different experiences.

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My personal experience with Damasteel blades has been positive. I find it to be a good performing stain resistant steel and, of course, very nice looking. It is my favorite blade steel after carbon damascus. Take care.

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Thankyou all for the great answers. It sure sounds like I need a damasteel blade. I talked my wife into a Sebenza for last Christmas do you suppose??????