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is here anybody from Denmark ?

Apr 17, 2000
i have a job trip to Denmark next week.
Does anybody know what are the laws regarding the carry of knives there ?
More important, what is the atmosphere ? I mean, here in Italy you cannot carry a knife unless you have a justified reason to di it, but usually the LEO's tend to have a pleasant attitude,so you can actually carry one if you keep a low profile.
Hi maxegb

In public you are allowed to carry only folders with a bladelength of less than 7 cm. Switchblades and onehand openers are not legal. Fixed blades you cannot carry either.

I don't know the attitude of LEO's from personal experience, but if you are going to Copenhagen they will probably be tougher.

On the other hand - unless you are planning to get into a fight, it is very unlikely that you will ever face a bodysearch or be questioned whether you are carrying.

Don't bring your Sifu or Vaquero Grande to a disco or club though. But again, that is probably a bad idea in most countries.

Have a nice trip!

Regards Jan P
You might try e-mailing Jens Anso. He's a great guy to deal with and I bet he'd help with info. www.ansoknives.com Hope this helps.