Is it legal to carry knives in Australian open country

In fairness, million-to-one chances happen all the damn time, and the fact that it was a python almost certainly meant that a Brown wasn't under the vehicle, in which case you probably wouldn't be here to comment. I'll also say that believing you or not is not something you should take personally, there are a lot of "fishermen" here, and up until you say something clearly outside the realm of possibly (or slip up and mark yourself out as a returning troll), it doesn't mean anything for someone to not believe you. We all have a story or two that are "had to see it to believe it" For what it's worth, it's at least plausible since that is a behavior I have heard of, not an attack as such, but an "aggressive defense" which I've been told is more common on smaller sized snakes, and as I said, the dude I knew who "played" with a python was massive, and the snake knew it was for fun, so a python in full attack, when you are on the back foot, that's not a safe place to be. Anyway, welcome. If you don't mind (I'd understand if you didn't care to) what general region was that encounter? I've spent most of my woods time just north and west of Brisbane, sunny coast hinterland, but I've been told by several guides that western NSW has some nasty characters, and farther north they just get really big. I'm wondering if it was a snake that had already had some bad human contact, which depending on the area could be really possible.
I'm skinny as have always been underweight for my height, the snake was bigger than me.

To put it into perspective of snake strength, a 1m python can push 1 ton of force... I'm 1.81m so you're looking at 2-3 ton of crushing force.

I was unable to walk for a month due to my leg being crushed, it was by no means a "large python ".

I was also going to the gym at the time. 135kg on the bench...

Problem was it was under the vehicle and I didn't know and was standing there with no clue...

Imagine if it was my daughter and I had turned my back for a few seconds
Sigh. Crushed your leg? I have an 8ft boa right next to me, a pretty damn healthy 20+ pounds. I call bs. This snake actually is large enough and strong enough to be dangerous to a sleeping person. He can eat surprisingly large animals and could most certainly kill a dog if he was so inclined. I've seen him hug things to sleep countless times.

The python under your truck crushed your leg ? LOL I met a guy once who told me he choked a mountain lion to sleep.

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Crushed your leg šŸ¤£ oh man. Thanks for the laugh. Ok, I'm done.
That mountain lion had it coming. Lucky for me, he didnā€™t see me dropping from the tree before I rear naked choked him. And those are the facts, JACK. šŸ˜‚
I personally donā€™t even carry bear spray in bear country, just drop kick them to death, itā€™s honestly the most humane way to dispatch them.
I'll stick to cats and dogs. What was behind the story of the guy with a pet constrictor that latched onto his face years ago?

I still remember on R&R in Vung Tao long ago, for a small sum, you could get a photo of this huge snake they'd wrap around you. No thanks.