Is it legal to own a sword with a D-guard or knuckle guard in California CA?

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    Sep 21, 2018
    Didn’t realize some jurisdictions considered “D” guard handles to be in the same category.

    I also wonder about those “Wyoming” knives which are used to skin animal carcasses. Some of them have finger ring holes on the handles. If you used one of them to commit an assault, I guess it’s possible you could have a “brass knuckles” charge on your record.
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    Feb 17, 2013
    Learned something - had never heard or seen a "Wyoming knife". It would be problematic on that one. How's the LEO feeling that day?

    I'm one of those folks who doesn't mind asking LEOs questions. I worked with them for over 30 years as a volunteer Fireman/EMT/Search&Recovery Diver. I took pictures of a variety of "D-guard" weapons - handles only - USN Officer's Sword, USMC NCO sword, USA M1902 Saber (no sword knots on them), 3 different faschinenmessers, and then some weapons with 2 or more holes incorporated in the handles - M1918 trench knife, Cold Steel Chaos series of knives, etc.

    85% of the LEOs I asked declared every one of them to be illegal knuckles. The only ones who didn't declare the military sword handles as knuckles were the 5 military veterans - 3 Marine SGTs, an Army Warrant and a Navy E5, who immediately recognized them from the handles. All other knife handles were deemed to be knuckles.

    I gave the results of my survey to my Texas State Representative and explained to him that from the survey, 85% of LEOs MIGHT charge a USN officer, Marine NCO or Army officer for the illegal possession of knuckles simply for owning a USDOD authorized ceremonial sword. He ended up being one of the co-sponsors on the law legalizing the possession and carry of knuckles.
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