Is it possible---?

Uncle Bill,

I have been trying to decide on my next purchase, which won't be for a few months, as I need to save up the money. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a chiruwa style 18" GRS with two Kumar Kardas, instead of the usual chakma and karda? If this is possible, what would the cost be, and about how much time would be required to complete this. As usual, I thank you for your assistance.

Man Uncle Bill,
that's some impressive service, and turn around time for a semi-custom job coming from Nepal! Heck, think about all the crap they sell on TV that has deliver times listed as 4 - 6 weeks, and you have to figure that they have a ton of that crap in a warehouse somewhere.
Uncle Bill,

Thanks. This is almost easier than email now that I have the hang of it. So, price would be $150 for 18" GRS + $120 for the two Kumar Kardas? That sounds doable within a few months.