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Oct 29, 1998
I think I'm ready to take the plunge and order my first handmade knife. I have always loved the CQC6, but I've read some threads that say there are better tactical folders out there. Maybe so. I don't mind the long wait. I'll have time to save. However, I want to spend my money on a great knife. The thing that really impresses me about the CQC6 is the "Sherman tank" look it has. Is the knife worth the money and the wait?

I know there will be those that have a favorite knife other than the CQC6. That is a personal preference thing. You may have a knife that you LIKE better, but is it built any better? What I want to know is are there knives out there that have an appreciatable difference in quality over the CQC6? I'm looking for a beefy, overbuilt work of art that doesn't look too out of the norm.

This is just my VERY humble opinion. The cqc6 is a good knife and is probably worth what Mr. Emerson asks for them. I have a buddy who has a 6 and a cqc8. I personally prefer the banana (8.) Neither one is worth $800 to $1000 or worth a 3-4 year wait. If you really want a knife that is built like a tank, go for and RJ Martin or a Greg Lightfoot, or, if you can get on his waiting list, an AT Barr. My father has a Barr, I have a Martin folder and fixed blade and I have handled several Lightfoot knives. They are all overbuilt and won't even think about letting you down. All 3 makers have a rep. for great customer service. Kit Carsons knives are also suppossed to be very tough, but I have not examined one personally so I say. Mr. Carsons reputation is so good though that I would (and hopefully someday will) buy one of his knives.
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I think there are much better knives out there that are better made than the CQC6 (not to mention at a better price too). If you would like an overbuilt knife that does not look out-of-the-ordinary, I would recommend that you look at Greg Lightfoot's knives, specifically the 460 Magnum and 458 Magnum folders. Lightfoot overbuilds his knives intentionally, so they can hold up in the toughest situation that the user can subject them to. There is a thread right now on the Custom Knife Forum dealing with Lightfoot Knives, you might be interested in reading this if you have not done so. I once looked into getting a handmade Emerson but decided to investigate Lightfoot's work - and I am happy I did - for IMHO they are better built and better priced knives. Hope this info helps

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I think Dexter pretty much summed it up. The CQC6 is only worth the price if you're in it to collect.
The wait for an Emerson Custom is at three years and getting longer. Next year the wait may be four years, etc. In fact, I seem to be burping up a factoid from my deep memory that Emerson anounced that he wasn't taking any more custom orders, is that wrong?

In any event, I second Dexter Ewing's suggestion of Greg Lightfoot. Your can get a curved edge blade, and if anything the knives are more overbuilt than the CQCXs.

You may also want to look for knives by Crawford Knives (Pat and Wes), and Kit Carson. Both are built like tanks.

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Thanks a lot guys. I thinls kind of a first love type thing ith the CQC6. You know how that first crush can be (good and bad). I will definetly take a second look at Lightfoot, Carson, Martin, etc.

I really appreciate all the feedback. A bunch of truly knowledgable people.

If you love the knife, buy it. The pride of ownership is worth a couple of bucks in and of itself. Should you decide at some point you decide that you do not want the knife, you will sell it easily and, most likely at a profit. The way I see it, if you go with a different yet similar knife, you will STILL be wanting the CQC6.

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