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Is my knife Y2K ready?

Jan 10, 1999
How do I check my folders for Y2K issues? I really don't want to be defenseless on 12:00am Jan. 1, 2000! Will it open in the same effortless manner, will the lock still function, will the G-10 or Ti still be impervious to the elements? A friend told me to make sure the oil I use is also Y2K compliant or I could be in for more trouble. Will the manufacturer fix these issues as I uncover them? I just don't know what to do!! HELP...


P.S. Beware of scams. The other day a dealer offerred to sell me a special cloth that would wipe away all the Y2K issues--for only $349.99.
As a Certified Public Accountant candidate, I can only suggest that you retain the services of a liscensed C.P.A. to render a definitive opinion on the Y2K readiness of your particular knife. You will, of course have to submit your knife to a certified C.P.A. with Y2K experience for testing. After performing significant substantive testing, along with the review of numerous managers and partners, your knife will hopefully pass the muster and be certified as "Y2K compliant."

If your knife happens to fail the above test, please ship immediately to the following address.

Ryan Meyering
White Plains, NY 34567


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Romans 6:23

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ekaagan, keep in mind that not only should your knife and oil be Y2K compliant, but any sheaths and sharpening systems as well. Sheaths are not usually a problem, as there is no specific date reliant systems involved. Most sharpening systems, however, are configured for your knife to be sharpened on some sort of regular schedule, and an older sharpening system may have to be updated or replaced so that they roll over properly on 1/1/00. Check with the manufacturer of the sharpening system to be sure. The traditional sharpening stone (ie. Arkansas soft or hard, Japanese water stone) and strop have no Y2K issues that I know of.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Ekaagan, you are wise to be concerned. I checked all my knives by flipping my wall calendar ahead to Jan/2000 and then tested all my knives. Good thing that I did; when I flipped open my Gerber Covert the power went out. I am now in touch with Gerber regarding this obvious flaw.

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."

Too funny, BTW when you flipped your calender forward did any other fixtures appliances go crazy?

I moved my VCR forward and alluvasudden I was watching Star Wars Episode II, not wanting to spoil it for you all, I won't tell you how far I went.

Needless to say, I'm ready for episode III, hehehe

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

Ryan Malpiede
Manager & Webmaster,
Millennium Tools (The people who have to do this Y2K for a living at the moment)

PS. Check for embbedded chips in your knife, this is the hidden problem that will get all of us knifenuts in the end!!!
Uh-oh! I advanced my PC clock to Jan 1, 2000, and my keyboards locked! So I had to re-boot to respond to this thread.

Now to check my Military... where's that wall calendar?
Just send all your knives to me, C/O General Delivery, Portland, OR, and I'll carefully test each one. Remember, I am a genuine engineer, and I even have a Master's Degree in Science, Astermay Egreeday in Scientia et Scientiis. I'll examine all of your knives and return the ones I don't like -- I mean the one's that are Y2K ready.

"And remember, I know more than you do."
I'm told there are all kinds of lawsuits pending against computer companies in preparation for Y2K. Perhaps you should get on the bandwagon and sue the people that put the embedded micro chips in your G-10 scales!

Knife Outlet

William, thanks for your advice. I just did a full Y2K check on all my posessions (I used the same test - turning my wall calendar to Jan/2000).
I am pleased to announce that with one exception (in addition to my Gerber Covert problem) I am fully Y2K compliant.
The one exception happenned when I tried to open my wallet - it wouldn't budge. I've heard that access to cash is a Y2K issue, but I didn't realize it would strike so close to home.

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
William Johnson - I'll give you all my knives and a 1000 dollars for that VCR!

Just saw Eposide 1 and I dont want to have to wait till 2005 to get up to good old episode 4!

I want a Light Saber.

I don't think traditional knives owners have too much to worry about the Y2K problem. However, light saber owners should be really careful about their expensive investments. Appearantly, those Jedi who build them did not think about the Y2K problem when they built those computerized power regulator inside of their light saber. As a result, most of the "good" Jedi knights were wiped out when their trusted light sabers blew up in their face in "their" YXK day at 12:00AM. This will be revealed as part of the reason why the good kind of Jedi knights basically "went away" in Episode 3.

Some of those defective light sabers got imported here to our solar system by smugglers. If you got one of these possibly defective light saber, please contact Spear Point and we will arrange repair service for you from one of our Jedi sub-contractor.

Pretty fly for a Jedi...